Philosophy of Ammer Systemtechnik

Ammer Systemtechnik sees itself as an automation and process technology system supplier. We are a turnkey supplier in the fields of both mechanical engineering and electrotechnical engineering, and we attach special importance to keeping our core competence in-house. The customer focus and high flexibility we offer are typical of a small to medium-sized company.


Ammer Systemtechnik GmbH sees its projects as a whole, not as being separated into the fields of mechanics and electrical/software. We have project engineers for all areas of our delivery range: Mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and software development.


Here, we focus on production depth. This allows us to produce many products and solutions problem in our own factory, as well as to respond quickly to new demands and to changes.

Assembly and service

We assemble our facilities with our own personnel, and are also happy to involve subcontractors during installation and commissioning. This has the advantage of enabling qualified local staff from partner companies to intervene quickly in supra-regional projects.

Production site

Bobingen headquarters
Manufacturing building with adjacent administration building of approximately 4,500 square metres

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