Control cabinets and control systems at Ammer

Control cabinets are the core of your process plant, ensuring proper functioning. As switchgear and control system specialists, we ensure the optimal availability of your installations.

Control cabinets and control systems at Ammer

Ammer Systemtechnik has been constructing control cabinets for the last 25 years. The planning and production of control cabinets and distributions for special installations has become our core competence. We prefer to keep this core competence in house so that we can supply the entire control system to you from a single source. We produce control systems according to customer requirements, taking account of our customers' equipment specifications.

As a supplier of comprehensive solutions, our range of services also includes project planning, software development, visualisation, cabling and commissioning, as well as the documentation of your control system according to the applicable standard.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Highest quality in control cabinets, control systems and housings
  • Professional support and assistance during the commissioning of your control system
  • Many years of experience in the field of control cabinet construction
  • Modular control cabinets and control technology
  • Maximum protection of your production facilities
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