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Surface drying is fundamental in industrial plants. However, because of special production requirements or location-related characteristics, it is not always. As a drying systems and industrial drying specialist, we always find the right solution.

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Scenarios may include deliberate rain simulation, car or machine washing or painting, or moisture on locks in assembly line halls. Water on surfaces in industrial processing situations almost always leads to problems, long drying times and inefficiency.

Thanks to innovative, well-thought-out developments, we get everything dry. Do you have a specific drying issue? Make it our challenge!

Moving portal with integrated portal dryer. Portal dryers are particularly suitable when space-saving solutions are required. The Ammer drying system can easily be integrated into existing portals.

Portal dryer equipment and performance:

  • Stainless steel design
  • Lift drive roof nozzle with flat belt
  • Roof nozzle with light barriers, contour-controlled
  • Roof nozzle with 2 collision strips
  • Non-contact limit switches
  • Blowing air deflector
  • Contour-controlled roof nozzles 2 x 4 KW
  • 2 lateral nozzles, 4 KW each

Additional options:

  • Side nozzles, contour-controlled with light barriers
  • Additional drive roof nozzle above shaft outside the washing zone
  • Individual drive manufacturer
  • Individual high-pressure system
  • Floor or ceiling mounting

Dryer portal with its own drive and central air supply. The powerful drying system for your needs.

Series dryer equipment and performance:

  • Stainless steel design
  • Portal drive left and right
  • High-performance roof blowers and lateral blowers
  • Linear actuators with flat belts
  • Roof nozzle with light barriers, contour-controlled/li>
  • Safety strips for portal drive disconnection
  • Roof nozzle with 2 collision pressure strips
  • Non-contact limit switches
  • Recessed rails, flush to the floor, with tilt protection hooks on the portal
  • Stainless steel terminal box integrated into the portal

Additional options:

  • Reduced height
  • Roof blowers with front and rear blowing air deflectors + rotating nozzle

Our individual all-rounders. Create your drying system according to your individual equipment requirements (e.g. 3 x contour-controlled dryers, 2 pairs of lateral nozzles). The experts at Ammer Systemtechnik will be pleased advise you about your dryer portal.

Possible dryer portal combinations:

  • Drives can be fed through from the cabin
  • Blowing air deflector
  • Dryer strips
  • Dryer rocker
  • Dryer carousel


  • Good access area
  • Stainless steel design

In the automotive industry, the underbody drying system is used for the quick and easy drying of vehicle underbodies, which are difficult to dry using conventional drying systems. The Ammer underbody drying system can be integrated into serial facilities and analysis cabins.

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