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The MOBIWASH hall was specially developed and patented to provide a complete, transportable and flexible hall with an aggregate area, sludge catchers and water treatment at a reasonable cost. Because it can be fitted into buildings as required, the need for costly approval procedures that is required for fixed installations is dispensed with.

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The mobile hall consists of 2 transport units, which can be folded for transport on conventional trucks or in sea containers. The base frame of every hall system consists of a self-supporting, galvanized steel structure, resting on which is a stainless steel tray with a downward slope to the centrally positioned pump sump. Gratings and pads for attaching the rails form the bottom of the mobile hall. The hall is mounted on the 2 base frames. Drainage sheets fitted around the wall drain water away from the wall into the sump and ensure leak tightness from the inside to the outside and vice versa. The flat roof is foldable and is faced at the ends.

A hot-dip galvanised self-supporting steel construction according to static calculation is one of the basic facilities of the mobile halls. The hall is equipped with 60 mm-thick wall and roof panels. It consists of galvanised, coated steel sheet and is clad in polyurethane foam insulation (heat transition coefficient: approximately 0.346). A round continuous drainage sheet in stainless steel ensures watertightness. The interior consists of 2 x V2A stainless steel sumps with a downward slope of 1% towards the hall centre, as well as two pump sumps.. V2A driving rail runs are provided for welding rails onto screw-on plates. The grating russet is designed for vehicles of up to 3000 kg on the inside, and for weights of up to 1500 kg in the walking area on the outer wall. A window apex made of double-walled Makrolon sheets provides natural light. Submersible pumps for water recirculation and installation packages with cable channels are also optionally available. The lighting and colours are designed according to your requirements. The integration of a second gate as well as custom ramps for specific locations can be ordered at any time. The lengths of Ammer Systemtechnik mobile halls can be configured at any time by adding rows of units to each other. The height can also be reduced, for example for loading into in sea containers. A conveyor system can be integrated by deepening the sub-structure, while the floor loading capacity can also be adapted for heavy vehicles.

Unit containers

To ensure that the units you require can be fitted comfortably, you can also purchase unit containers. This option has been specially developed for the MOBIWASH product. A hot-dip galvanised self-supporting steel construction according to static calculation also ensures the safety of this product. This is also covered with wall and roof panels, while aluminium and plastic non-slip composite floor panels ensure safety during maintenance work. A door allows easy access to equipment.

Mobile Hallen produziert von Ammer Systemtechnik aus Bobingen

Mobile Hallen von Ammer Systemtechnik

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