Modules at Ammer Systemtechnik

Water treatment, high-pressure portals, lever platforms, cabin construction and special equipment. As a manufacturer of technical modules and systems, we offer you various expansion options for your products.

Modules from AMMER Systemtechnik

Are you looking for add-on components and modules for your existing systems, or do you want to find out about smart solutions? Are you looking for innovative solutions for water treatment, cabin construction, or other special equipment? Then Ammer Systemtechnik is the right supplier for you! As a manufacturer of technical modules and systems, we offer you various expansion options for your products.

Water treatment plants are technical facilities that treat water where required. We work with products from reputable manufacturers to provide water treatment according to your wishes and requirements. Ammer Systemtechnik handles the installation, commissioning and maintenance of your water treatment plant.

System components of Ammer water treatment plants:

  • Receiver tank 4.5 m³
  • Band filter 500-2000 l/min
  • Bag filter
  • Ozone disinfection system
  • Biocide dosing systems
  • Skimmer (floating dirt conveyors)
  • Coalescence separators
  • Softening
  • Water monitoring exchange for conductivity, pH, turbidity

In the automotive industry, the leak-tightness of vehicles is frequently checked on serial facilities.
As well as normal irrigation quantities, high-pressure water and splash water quantities are also simulated in this process. Ammer Systemtechnik offers the following systems for these systems:

  • High-pressure – 100 bar
  • Splash water – 25 m³

As usual, this portal is available in stainless steel. Ammer high-pressure portals are characterised by their long service life and resistant materials. These enable us to guarantee the highest quality for our expansion modules.

In the automotive industry, in-depth vehicle testing is an everyday activity. Because only fully developed, reliable cars that are suitable for everyday use can achieve the expected market success and brand quality.

To carry out vehicle leak testing, various weather simulations, including wind and rain, can be applied in the special irrigation chamber from Ammer Systemtechnik GmbH, as can mountain and valley driving conditions.

The Ammer lever platform is the ideal basis for such individualised simulations. The test vehicle is lashed to the lever platform grating. The tilt platform can be set to a maximum angle of 27 degrees (in the driving direction and at the side). The dimensions of the test vehicle can be up to 6000 x 2500 mm. The system can be designed so that both static and dynamic tests can be carried out.

As a turnkey supplier of facilities and system engineering, we advise our customers and support them during the planning and production of cabins. Vehicle cabins, serial cabins, rain test cabins or special cabins. With specially trained personnel, Ammer Systemtechnik manufactures cabins of all types, while ensuring the highest standards of quality. This enables us to guarantee that our cabins have a long service life.

Equipment for cabins is selected according to the location and climatic conditions. We adapt to individual needs in terms of comfort and ergonomics.

During processing, we focus on:

  • High-quality sandwich panels
  • Stainless steel design
  • Polyurethane and wool for low noise emission levels
  • Modern design
  • Control technology according to requirements
  • Modular construction
  • Weight reduction

Over time, we have been able to develop a number of special equipment items. For example, we have been working with the packaging industry (production of cups) for several years as a system supplier. Our systems are used to control cup distribution, storage systems and printing machines. We design and deliver the required technologies and systems:

  • Storage technology
  • Materials handling technology
  • Packing tables

Other special equipment:

  • Automation of the supply of rivets and components in aircraft construction
  • Visualisation and control parts for injection moulding machines with parts collection by robots
  • Skid washing facility
  • Controls for self-service washing areas with remaining money displays
  • Air curtain systems
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