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Ammer Systemtechnik is a specialist for the construction and development of water leak test booths. The increasing number of electronic components and modules currently being used in new vehicle designs, as well as the use of new materials, are making vehicle water leak testing increasingly important.

AMMER Systemtechnik – Water leak tightness testing with maximum flexibility

Water leak tightness testing is one of Ammer Systemtechnik's core competences. Thanks to our unique expertise combined with many years of experience, our products are highly popular, particularly in the automotive industry. This has also led to close cooperation between our Company and the automotive manufacturers in developing their standards in the field of vehicle water leak tightness testing.

In our water leak test booths it is possible not only to simulate various levels of precipitation, but also to perform splash water and high-pressure washing tests. Since 2010, it has also been possible to adjust automatically for hand high back washing, as often used in the agricultural and forestry industries.

We use hydraulic lifting struts to simulate tilts/slopes or parking on hard shoulders or verges. These can lift to heights of up to 1000 mm, which, depending on the vehicle wheelbase, corresponds to a tilt/slope of up to 17°. It is possible to move the lifting struts hydraulically in the longitudinal direction in the same testing facility so that different vehicles with different wheelbases can be tested.

The flexibility to test the largest possible range of vehicle types for water leak tightness in a single facility distinguishes our products from others and is highly valued by our customers. Our spray systems are equipped with sensors, which measure the distance to the vehicle. So regardless of how narrow or wide your test specimen is, our installation will move automatically to the correct distance between the spraying nozzle and the vehicle. A uniform spray pattern can only be achieved by using the correct distance and a well-chosen nozzle arrangement to cover the vehicle completely.

Advantages of Ammer leakage testing:

  • Use of a hydraulic lifting strut to simulate tilt and slope
  • Simulation of inclinations of up to 17 degrees
  • Simulation of a wide range of precipitation levels (splash water, high-pressure, etc.)
  • Leakage testing for almost all vehicle types
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Dichtprüftechnik Automobilindustrie

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