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Our mobile hall system MOBIWASH.

Repeatedly, customers require a complete hall including aggregate area, which can be transported with reasonable effort – i.e. conventional trucks -, easily assembled and disassembled and thus flexibly used. We have developed and designed the mobile hall MOBIWASH precisely for this purpose:

The system consists of two foldable hall modules that can be assembled swiftly. The substructure of each hall system consists of a self-supporting galvanized steel construction on which a stainless-steel trough with an incline lies. Gratings and support plates for mounting the rails form the floor. The hall walls and the roof are made of noise-insulating, corrosion-resistant, non-combustible sandwich panels.

Different variants are available with one or two entrances (i.e. head station or passageway) as well as a ground-level entrance (pit installation) or an entry and exit ramp.


If leak test systems or washing technology from Ammer Systemtechnik are installed in our mobile halls, the complete system can be tested and accepted by the customer at our premises. This considerably reduces the time and effort required for on-site installation.