Our solutions for water treatment.

Ammer Systemtechnik builds leak test systems and washing technology, i.e. systems in which water is consumed. All our concepts and methods are designed to use as little fresh water as possible and to treat the water used as effectively as possible. The purified water has the necessary clarity for all subsequent operational purposes. In addition, wherever employees come into contact with the test medium water, a low bioburden in the water and thus a low health hazard is ensured.

In order to implement water treatment that meets the respective wishes and requirements, we work with products from renowned manufacturers. Various system components can be combined; these include:

  • Belt filter technology
  • Bag filter
  • Ozone and UV purification system
  • Skimmer (conveyor of floating dirt)
  • Coalescence separator
  • Softening
  • Biological water purification system

We also integrate systems for monitoring water quality (e.g. oxygen content, conductivity, pH value, turbidity).

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